My Thoughts on the Stedfast Mighty Men’s Conference

This was not a trip for effeminate sissies. 

Hello everyone, I’ve decided to start updating this blog section again. Why? Well…why not?

On June 18, 19 and 20 Stedfast Baptist Church hosted a “Mighty Men’s Conference” at  Riverbend Retreat Center in Glen Rose, Texas. The trip featured sports (we played A LOT of basketball), a “Dino Hike,” zip lining, waterfront swimming (including jumping off tall things into the water), food, fellowship and preaching.

Pastor Grayson Fritts of All Scripture Baptist Church preached for us June 19 about leading our households and ensuring our families love God. Pastor Jonathan Shelley also preached a sermon for us about Samson and the temptations that can stop us from serving Jesus Christ. Both were great messages.

On Sunday morning, pastor gave the men an opportunity to preach a ten minute sermon each on whatever topic we wanted. All the guys did well – I especially liked Bro. Matt’s sermon on David’s Mighty Men and the applications he made for us based on their attributes.

It wasn’t just the preaching and activities – the fellowship was great too. We live in a world that vilifies masculinity (calling it “toxic”), indoctrinates men into acting like limp-wristed sissies and distorts the differences between males/females. It was a breath of fresh air to hang out with a bunch of guys who act normal and aren’t totally brainwashed by leftist garbage being incessantly pushed down everyone’s throats. We talked Bible, life and everything in between. The pastors even hosted a “Q and A” session with us where we asked questions about doctrine, the Christian life and more.

Most of all, the trip highlighted the importance of getting into a good church and getting plugged in. As America departs further away from common sense and traditional values, the need for Christian fellowship gets more pronounced. Men owe it to their families to take them to a church that actually preaches the Word of God.

Pro_27:17  Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

Just as iron sharpens iron according to Proverbs 27, friends who love the Lord and share similar values help you grow as a Christian and as a person. I’ve learned a lot in my short time at Stedfast Fort Worth and look forward to learning even more from my church brethren and pastor as the months and years go by. This trip offered me a chance to get to know my fellow church members a little better – and also take a break from the monotony of day-to-day life.

Check out this video below featuring photos and video from the retreat:

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